The main objective of the DIDACMAT (Didactics of Mathematics) research group is to promote a significant learning of mathematics for pre-kindergarten and primary education, as well as secondary school and college education. To achieve this goal, we propose to base our work in active learning strategies, where students are protagonists in the learning process.

In DIDACMAT, we believe in the importance of promoting the IT (information technologies) for the teaching and learning process of mathematics, taking into account that new technologies are each time more present inside schools. Software such as GeoGebra to work on dynamic geometry, as well as interactive applications which allow to work on mathematics in a more recreational way, are some of the tools that we intend to show; both in the initial and the permanent formation of teachers.

Likewise, in DIDACMAT we also bet on the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), which are very necessary in our gradually more technological society.